Circular Economy

Optimizing design, production, usage, repair and recycling to extend products and materials’ lifecycle.

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Our expertise and our convictions

Switching from linear economy to circular economy requires to rethink our value chains entirely with a holistic approach. Until now, revenues of most businesses were coming from increasing sale volumes; circular economy implies to find new value pools that maintain the profitability of the business while consuming less resources overall.


Companies who embrace this change and rethink their business models first, becoming leaders in circular design, new materials, repair and recycling, sharing and intelligence platforms, or dedicated financial products, will capture this value.

Project offer

Source recycled materials

6-weeks mapping of recycling processes and stakeholders in your material of choice, combined with stakeholders interviews to help you qualify your options and pick the best

Project offer

Set up closed loop recycling

8-weeks project to choose the right scope, products, and recycling technology, identify partners, map potential supply chain from feedstock to new material, estimate volumes and costs

Project offer

Introduce new business models

2-3 months project to identify major trends in your sector, where value pools are shifting, and opportunities to position your business in new growth areas while having a positive impact

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