Our purpose

Our purpose is to train, advise and support leaders and future leaders to find the right balance between impact and performance and create an economy that works for all and for the planet.

At the center

Our purpose drives our strategy. It defines who we are and where we go. It is at the center, that’s why we made it our name: Do Well Do Good.

The problems that Do Well Do Good wants to solve title=

The problem we want to solve

Capitalism might have been effective in the 20th century. It made many countries prosperous and participated in lifting billions out of poverty.

Yet, to work in the 21st century, it must be reinvented.

With the amount of wealth created and the advanced technologies available, it feels abnormal to see 700 million people live in extreme poverty, to see inequalities rise in most advanced countries and or to see our planet become increasingly unhabitable.

At Do Well Do Good, we think that the root cause of these issues lies in mindsets, with most political and economic leaders still not able to link the generation of profits and the creation of public goods. That is what we want to change.

Our convictions


Doing well and doing good is possible


To do well and do good, companies do not need foundations, billionaires do not need charities, NGOs can find models to scale, and the public sector can become more efficient. Besides, doing well and doing good is not reserved to organizations. Individuals have the power to do well and do good. We believe that achieving personal success and contributing positively to society can and should be accomplished while working your Monday-to-Friday.


Companies can have positive financial return and positive social impact

Customers want to buy responsibly and today’s talents do not want to work for just any company. They want to work for companies committed to solving society’s most pressing issues. While it can create constraints in the short-term, putting impact at the core of strategy creates a long-term competitive advantage and help companies succeed.


The public sector can be more effective


Just as the private sector, we believe that the public sector needs to reinvent itself. Teachers, healthcare workers, civil servants at large need te be much better compensated for their social contribution. Civil service career should be more agile, with more bridges to the private sector. Fiscal policies should be simplified to avoid tax optimization.

The choices we make


We work with companies who are sincerely committed to social transformation

We provide strategic consulting services to companies who have started their transformation to foster social and environmental progress, internally or externally. This means that we are not covering all sectors, nor serving just any company or taking on just any project.


We keep our salary reasonable



Consulting staff are compensated below industry standards to ensure we can work only on projects aligned with our purpose.


We hire people from all backgrounds

We believe that companies can be a very powerful social ladder. We ensure that more than 5% of our staff are recruited from underprivileged backgrounds and are offered opportunities to grow their skills and progress in the organization.


We create inclusive offers

We design education programs which give a chance to all talents, regardless of their social origins, to develop their full potential.

The choices of Do Well Do Good title=