Define your Purpose

Put the purpose at the heart of your corporate strategy. A tailor-made offer designed for SMEs


A strategic compass

The purpose is the guiding principle set by a company. It expresses both its identity and the future towards which it aims. To be truly effective, the purpose must be at the heart of the corporate strategy.

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Attract and keep talent


92% of employees declare they are in search of ‘meaning’.

Study 2021, ‘Positive Impact’ Chair at Audencia


Clarify commitments to your stakeholders

An increasing number of customers, suppliers, and investors are also engaging in this approach.


Set a course for strategic decisions

“Our purpose is a compass that helps us set and stay on course for the long term.


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Customized support


A tailor-made approach based on your activities and values.

Led by strategy consultants


Committed consultants from leading consulting firms.

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Since its inception, Do Well Do Good is a company that places impact at the heart of its strategy.

Program details

Personalized support for SMEs to formulate a strategic purpose.

A 4-week approach with weekly 1.5-hour sessions with a consultant.

Week 1





During an initial workshop, a consultant will conduct a diagnosis of your company by analyzing your strategic positioning and values.

Week 2

Defining the purpose and objectives


The consultant will propose several purposes and concrete objectives, which you will be able to discuss during a second workshop.

Week 3

Definition of indicators


You will define with the consultant the indicators associated with each objective during a third workshop.

Week 4

Action plan


During a final workshop, you will establish a roadmap to implement the action plan over the next 12 months.


4 000 €

For SMEs with fewer than 50 employees.


+ 2,000 €

To engage your teams in the exercise.

+ 2,000 €

To become a mission-driven company.


For companies with more than 50 employees, cost on request.