Help companies and institutions to reduce their environmental footprint, and to adapt to consequences of climate change.

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Our expertise and our convictions

Climate and environment projects go well beyond the carbon footprint. Humanity has to find a balance between developing itself to improve living standards for everyone, and not crossing the planetary boundaries. A sustainable development is possible, it requires bringing environment to the top executives agenda. We help companies to reduce their scope 1, 2, 3 and to rethink their business model. We believe that every employee, in every industry, should be trained to face effects of climate change and to limit their corporate impact on the environment.

Project offer

Reduce your carbon footprint

2 to 3-months project to review multiple business lines in order to lower your carbon emissions and those of your value chain

Project offer

Adapt to climate change

12-weeks project to model and forecast the impacts of climate change on your activity, and to prepare a swift response for all your assets

Project offer

Train your workforce

4-weeks taskforce to identify people to receive climate training, select topics adapted to your industry, and to deliver in-person and online workshops

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