Inclusive products

Guide companies to craft solutions designed for the bottom of the pyramid.

Inclusive products for the ones who need them title=

Our expertise and our convictions

We are committed to guiding our clients in crafting solutions that embrace inclusion at the bottom of the pyramid. We understand the importance of designing innovative and inclusive products that cater to a wide range of user needs and abilities.


Working across clean energy, mobility for all, financial services, affordable housing and education, this opens doors to a broader customer base and enhances social impact.

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new product development

Assist clients in conceptualizing and launching inclusive products. Through comprehensive market research and strategic planning, we help you identify opportunities, create a clear product vision, and guide you through the development process to ensure your product does not only meet user needs but also fosters inclusivity.

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business model refinement

Empower clients to build sustainable and inclusive businesses. We provide strategic insights and financial planning to help you establish a robust and financially viable model that supports your mission of inclusivity and growth.

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Go to market strategy

Equip clients with a tailored plan to successfully launch and distribute their inclusive products or services. We provide actionable strategies and market insights to ensure your offering reaches the right audience and makes a meaningful impact.

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